Binding of Isaac
This games great! I have played this game with many of my friends and if you ever played the game on steam, it will be familiar to you. Everyone is given starting characters and each one has their own special ability to start with. You will battle monsters through the game in order to get souls. Once you get four souls, you win the game and it can be acquired through killing monsters or a lucky draw from the other decks. This game has a similar style to the board game Munchkins which is...
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The Shining
For those who are familiar with this game, it is similar to the card game Mafia. Mafia is a card game where people try work together and try to solve who the murder is. In this game, the shining, it definitely resembles the same type of horror thriller where you and your friends are also on a survival mission, but instead of the goal being to try and find out who the murder is, although this is an option, you are trying to survive four to five days depending on difficulty level. This game if...
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